An outstanding vista of Longs Peak, the highest point in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park.

The American West Travel Itinerary-Trip Planner is a service offered by, a travel guide which has been online since the mid-1990s. offers commentary and information on great destinations in the American West, accompanied by thousands of beautiful photographs. Our focus is on outdoor recreation and beautiful scenery, but we also include many cultural, educational, historical and lifestyle features, in order to show the diversity of the American West.

The’s authors and owners have obtained most of their material through their first-hand experiences, having traveled throughout the American West for more than thirty years. The editor and author of most of the stories is Joseph Sprince. The photographer and webmaster is Gerald Allen.

Our extensive first-hand knowledge is shared with you, the client, when you purchase an American West Travel Itinerary – Trip Planner. Every write-up is written personally and completely by the website editor.’s Travel Guides cover many exciting and popular places in the American West. These include popular locales such as the California Central Coast, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, Grand Canyon, Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Parks, Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon, and Canyonlands/Four Corners. These are excellent resources, especially if you are just starting to plan your trip.