Each Travel Itinerary-Trip Planner Package contains:

View A Sample Travel Itinerary-Trip Planner
View A Sample Travel Itinerary-Trip Planner
  • Preparations. Based on time-of-year, location, type of vehicle, etc. Recommended clothing and gear based on the season, vehicles preparations, park passes, and more.
  • Planning your schedule. The write-up doesn’t hold you to a fixed, rigid schedule. Rather, we specify how long you might typically spend at each stop on the trip, based on travel times and attractions. We might add recommendations on what is a “can’t-miss” and what might be skipped. We also do include a sample day by day schedule.
  • Trip Narrative. The heart of our package, the narrative discusses in detail the various destinations on your route and the various activities available at each one. You will generally find more activities described than time actually allows. This allows you to pick out the things that seem most interesting and exciting to you.
  • Recommended Reservations. Where needed for accommodations (lodging or camping), tours, or other special activities. Includes links for online reservations as needed.
  • Accommodations (lodging or campgrounds). The write-up makes specific recommendations, based on your requests, for various cities, towns, parks, and other destinations along your route. Special accommodations such as bed and breakfasts will be included at your request. All prepackaged itineraries include both camping and lodging information. All packages include a Reservation Worksheet.
  • Travel Directions – Your Travel Route. The specific recommended route for your road trip. Includes for each leg: route numbers, type of road, distances in miles, estimated driving time, and pertinent comments.
  • Online Guides. Links are provided to AmericanWestTravel.com’s travel guides which are relevant to your trip.
  • Trip Map. Each package includes a customized online Google map detailing your route.
  • Website Links. Many website links are provided for you to obtain additional information.

How the Ordering Process Works

Customized Planners

When you place an order, use our online form to describe your desired trip. An automated acknowledgement email is sent to you immediately. The AWT Editor will personally review your order and email personal feedback to you, usually within a few hours. This may include additional questions for you, or suggestions and may require you to respond back. If you prefer to talk by phone, we will call you. We will then sketch out a proposed route on an online Google Map and send you the link via email usually within 24 hours. Once you approve – and you may request changes to the map – work is started on your package. It is usually completed in a few days.

Prepackaged Planners

Our Prepackaged Travel Itinerary-Trip Planners are in PDF format and are sent to you via email by the end of the business day (by 5PM MST) on which we receive your payment. All sales are final. See Package Details for the exact contents of our product.

If you have any questions or need assistance after receiving your package, there is no additional charge to Contact Us. If you are unsure what to order please Request Info first.

Packages and Pricing ($USD)

  • Prepackaged Planners – $10.00 and up
  • Customized Planners:
    • Comprehensive Itinerary – $50.00 – We will generally spend 2-3 hours. Best for trips of under two weeks.
    • Long-Trip Itinerary – $75.00 – We will generally spend 3-4 hours. Best for trips of two to three weeks.
    • Month-Trip Itinerary – $100.00 – We will generally spend well over 4 hours. Best for trips of four to five weeks.
    • Cross-Country Trip Itinerary – $100.00 – We will generally spend well over 4 hours. For driving trips starting and ending east of the Mississippi River.
  • Special Trips – For trips over a month, or special circumstances like a large group, please Request Info first.